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Using MyEtherWallet

how to buy or receive previously bought GSXC tokens of fatcats.market

Sing in MyEtherWallet (if you already have difficulties on this stage, we recommend using MetaMask)
Buy tokens
  1. Make sure that you have enough ETH to purchase tokens (and don't forget about the Ethereum network commission fee)
  2. Send ETH to the following contract 0xA5555cb406546F40E82704F75f4011E76984937c
    (the amount should be divisible by 0.00379 ETH). It is important that you have enough ETH left on your wallet to pay the commission fee.
  3. It takes some time to proceed that transaction after it has been sent.
  4. Tokens will be transferred to your account automatically (it normally takes less than 15 min)

Attention! You may use any of the listed interfaces to send ETH but we recommend using MetaMask wallet. You may find the guidelines on how to use MetaMask here.
Add tokens to your wallet
Click Add custom token
The button is located below the general information about your wallet in the TOKEN BALANCES section
Enter the address
Past this address in the Token Contract Address field
Write GSXC in the Token Symbol field
Enter 0 in the Decimals field
Click Save
All set!
Tokens are added and you will see your token balance as soon as you receive the tokens
Email us in case you encounter any problems: hi@fatcats.market or leave a request by clicking an icon in the bottom left corner.